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About Positive Interiors


Positive Interiors was formed with the objective of offering architects and interior designers access to high quality natural stone tiles and wood flooring for their clients at much more competitive prices than its competitors in Scandinavia and the Nordic countries.


From its central warehouse, Positive Interiors is able to offer very short lead times for delivery of its products throughout the region.


Due to its competitive pricing structure and the high quality of its products, Positive Interiors has grown rapidly in both the residential and commercial sectors in the years since its establishment. From working with large hotel groups including Radisson and Four Seasons to residential homeowners, Positive Interiors offers a highly personal approach to customer service and attention to detail.


Our range of natural stone includes many different types of Limestone, Travertine, Basalt, Slate, Marble and Granite which allows architects and interior designers to select a stone type that meets the need of their project in terms of appearance and physical suitability.


Top natural stone tiles for indoor interiors:






Not many people know this...


There is a 1000 mile long rock bed of Baltic Grey limestone that starts in Sweden on the Island of Öland and runs under the Baltic Sea and ends in Russia near Lake Ladoga east of St. Petersburg. This rock bed reaches the earths surface in Finland where it is quarried to make extremely hard dolomitic limestone tiles which can be used indoors and outdoors.




Positive Interiors supplies these interesting tiles to interior designers and architects throughout the United Kingdom where they are popular due to their interesting shades of grey and their extreme hardness when compared to other limestone. We have honed and polished finishes in all different sizes.







Azul Valverde is quarried in the Alcanede region of mid-Portugal. The stone is blue/grey in colour and slight variations in colour are common.



Azul Valverde limestone is considered to be similar to Swedish Jämtlands stone but with a more favourable price.







Moleanos limestone is from the northern part of Portugal which has been a famous stone producing region for centuries. In recent years this stone has become popular in Scandinavia and the Nordic region with many architects and interior designers specifiyng this stone in their client's projects.




Positive Interiors offers these limestone tiles in three colours: moleanos beige, moleanos white and moleanos blue.







Crema Marfil is extracted from the famous Monte Coto quarry near Barcelona. Preferred by architects and interior designers due to its resistance to everyday wear and tear, its low water absorption and of course its beautiful creamy colour. Our Crema Marfil is available with a antiquehoned or polished surface finish.









Baltic Green limestone started life 90 million years ago when there were no polar ice caps and the temperatures were much warmer. This limestone was formed from the skeletons of millions of sea creatures in the shallow warm waters of the time. Fossils of mussels, snails, sea urchins as well as sand, fungi and plant remains give this stone its unique character.




Baltic Green limestone is extremely hard and falls within the category of dolomitic limestone which means that this stone can be used in areas of high foot traffic in both public buildings and private homes.








The opening up of Vietnam's economy has led to the development of its natural stone industry with exports of its famous Bluestone to quality standards demanded by western export markets. Vietnamese Bluestone is a very hard sedimentary limestone which is made up of the skeletons of millions of sea creatures and organic plant matter. The blue color of the stone is caused by a high concentration of crystals containing carbon.








Emperador marble from Valencia in southern Spain has been used to make beautiful buildings for centuries. From Roman villas to modern day homes all over the world. This unique marble is understood and appreciated by leading architects and interior designers who regularly specify this marble in their hotel projects. 









The famous exclusive Carrara marble is quarried in the beautiful mountains in Tuscany in northern Italy. Carrara Marble has been used since the time of Ancient Rome and has been used in many of the famous buildings throughout the world.

Bianco Carrara CD Honed Marble and Bianco Carrara CD Polished Marble.




Our wood flooring range offers traditional engineered oak in either unfinished or pre-oiled with a wide selection of available colours. In addition we offer teak wood flooring sources from FSC plantations in Indonesia.

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