Why choose us? / Why choose us?

Why choose us?

When there are so many other wood flooring and natural stone companies in the market, why choose us?


Best Prices.


Positive Interiors offers the very competitive prices for oak flooring and natural stone tiles in the United Kingdom.


Wider and Longer oak boards.

We specialise in wide oak boards with longer lengths than our competitors.


Delivery to your door!

We arrange delivery of your flooring directly to your project which saves you valuable time dealing with transport companies.



With over 15 years experience, Positive Interiors has built a reputation for consistently high quality products, reliability and first class customer service.



Expert Advice.

Our sales staff are all experts on flooring and can offer valuable installation and design advice.



Environmental Issues.

We take environmental responsibility very seriously. Please see our policy statement.


Quality Control.

We take great care to ensure that the machining quality of both our wood flooring and stone tiles is of the highest quality. We have humidity controlled warehousing with large stocks of wood flooring and stone tiles which ensures that your flooring arrives to your project in perfect condition.