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Travertine Tiles

Travertine stone floor tiles are available in a wide range of colours, textures and finishes. Travertine tiles can be tumbled, honed or polished. For a more traditional stone floor, tumbled travertine can perfectly compliment any original features. Tumbled travertine looks centuries old and creates an authentic feel, making tumbled travertine tiles particularly popular for traditional home renovations.


Honed travertine tiles create a more contemporary look. With the range of travertine tile colours and finishes available, natural travertine tiles really can suit any design and can add value to your home.

Travertine and Limestone Mosaic Tiles

Travertine and limestone mosaic tiles are used for backsplash applications, including kitchen and bathroom backsplashes. Travertine and limestone mosaic tiles are also used for bathroom walls, bathroom shower, shower wall, shower floor and bathroom vanity backsplashes. Travertine mosaic tiles can also be used for bathroom vanity counter tops.


Granite is one of the hardest and most durable of all stone flooring tiles. Its smooth polish brings a classically elegant feel to your home. Granite tiles are a perfect choice for hard surface applications where durability and low maintenance is important, such as tiles for kitchen countertops, high traffic floors and tile flooring for commercial applications.

Marble Tiles

Natural marble stone floor tiles are available in honed, filled, tumbled and polished finishes.


With honed and polished varieties of marble tiles being suited to more contemporary interiors, our range of tumbled marble floor tiles can perfectly compliment a traditional property. With the range of colours and finishes available, natural marble floor tiles really can suit any decor and after the marble tiles have been sealed and grouted, they can withstand family life with ease and are easy to clean.


Limestone Tiles

Limestone floor tiles have long been a favourite for stone flooring in both traditional and contemporary homes. Limestone tiles can perfectly compliment any decorative style and the application of sealant liquid makes them easy to maintain.

We have carefully selected our range of limestone floor tiles that best reflects the needs of our customers, with our limestone tiles featuring colours ranging from white through to golden brown. Some of the types of limestone tiles also show different mottling and speckling and we now also offer a variety of tumbled limestone tiles that can create a more rustic look.



Slate stone tiles are a favourite for flooring throughout the home, especially the kitchen and bathroom. Not only are slate floor tiles strong and durable but they are also available in a range of colours and finishes, accommodating many different decorative styles.

The solid, consistent colour of our Black Slate stone tiles is perfect for contemporary homes while the Oyster Slate tiles or Rustic Slate tiles, with their heavily textured surface and varied colours, lend themselves to a more rustic and traditional interior.

Slate tiles are also suitable for commercial use with smoother varieties of Slate tiles being the most hygienic and easy to clean.



At Positive Interiors, one of our areas of speciality is oak flooring and we have a very large selection of solid and engineered Oak flooring in a variety different widths and grades.

Oak flooring is highly valued for its beautiful grain and texture and its rich colour which is enhanced by oiling.


At Positive Interiors we stock and supply a large variety of Engineered Oak flooring with a wide range of colours in pre-oiled finishes.



Our thermo treated ash with its dark colour and bold straight grain is suitable for any type of home as it integrates into any design be it modern or traditional. The natural grain of the ash floor together with the dark colour tones created by the thermo treatment process give any7 home a warm and luxurious finish.

The thermo treatment process gives the ash very high levels of stability as the thermo process reduces the ability of the wood to absorb moisture. This makes thermo ash a suitable wood for combining with under floor heating.