Positive Interiors is a family owned supplier of natural stone tiles and wood flooring to residential and commercial development projects in Scandinavia and the Nordic region. The company has been supplying high quality interior flooring and stone countertops through architects and interior designers for more than 20 years.
The company is part of the Ekland Group of companies which has stone and wood processing operations in the Nordic region. Other parts of the company are engaged in the production of Cross Laminated Timber (CLT), Glue Laminated Timber (Glulam) beams and thermo-treated wood.


Limestone tiles have been our speciality for many years and we have a wide range available. We also supply slate and marble tiles as these have proven to be popular with our Scandinavian customers over the years.

We have many different tile size options available and some tiles can be cut specially to suit the needs of your project. We can also cut some of our stone for countertops, window sills and stairs.

Our stone processing facility follows strict environmental guidelines regarding the restoration of the landscape after quarrying operations have ceased. We have a responsibility to our natural environment and our policy is to re-wild these areas to encourage flora and fauna to return.   


Our wood flooring range is based on the highest quality pre-oiled oak, ash and teak.

Our oak and ash flooring is engineered meaning there is a top layer (4 or 6 mm) of oak or ash on a base of high quality birch plywood (12 or 15 mm). This plywood gives our flooring complete stability which means that even our widest floorboards can be used with underfloor heating.

Our flooring oil is sourced from German company Osmo. We have a three coat system  which is applied in the factory: One colour coat and two coats of a mat hardwax oil which adds protection against everyday wear and tear. 

Our sourcing policy follows strict criteria regarding sustainability. The forests where our timber is sourced operate within the rules stipulated by PEFC and where possible we have chain-of-custody in accordance with FSC Certification. 


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